Indian Summer Collection


Indian Summer


Along the line of smoky hills
The crimson forest stands,
And all the day the blue-jay calls
Throughout the autumn lands.

Now by the brook the maple leans
With all his glory spread,
And all the sumachs on the hills
Have turned their green to red.

Now by great marshes wrapt in mist,
Or past some river's mouth,
Throughout the long, still autumn day
Wild birds are flying south.


. . . William Wilfred Campbell


An inspirational season to be sure, and for me of course, this colorful season inspires jewelry in tones of gold, green, and fiery orange. The stones featured in my Indian Summer Collection are cat's eye, moonstone, and upcoming designs in Mexican fire opal. 



"Wild birds are flying south." Indian summer days are precious because we know they will not last. We know that winter with its cold and snow are soon to follow. I try to capture these last days of summer spender in my Indian Summer Collection. The necklace above is warm moonstone rondelles and hand cut nuggets of cat's eye stone with copper and Sterling silver accents.



Memories of these summer like days are savored and placed in our memories to be accessed throughout the cold days of winter when we need a reminder that the color and warmth will eventually return with spring. My creations are inspired by those treasured glimpses of wildly warm colors and the crinkling of fallen leaves under our feet, and expressed on my "canvas" of stones and metal. The earrings above called "Falling Leaves" capture the essence of this time of year.



The bracelet above is six strands of cat's eye stone beads with accents of copper, and my Indian Summer Collection is just in the beginning to take shape, so stay tuned for the Mexican Fire Opal pieces to come!!! 









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