Tribal Bling

The $27 Tribal Bling Group in my Etsy Shop!



Tribal earrings in a size that anyone can wear, 


at a price that everyone can afford!!!



Over the years, I've had so many comments from customers and friends that they love the tribal look but the designs tend to be too big for them wear comfortably. And that's true for me too. I love the bright ethnic colors, and I can even pull off the very chunky necklaces, but I cannot wear earrings that are too long. The shape of my face and my features just do not work with long (over 2.5 inches) earrings.

So I came up with a solution to the problem. I designed a series of earrings that are 2 inches or less in length, featuring a variety of bezel gemstones (8mm size), AND the sale price is just $27!!! The earrings are on oxidized 20 gauge copper wire with silver or gold plated accents to coordinate with the bezel on the gemstone. I use premium aged Picasso Czech seed beads to complement the stones, and antiqued copper round lever back closures. 



The $32 Tribal Bling Group in my Etsy Shop!


A bit larger variation in the same basic design with larger, 10mm bezel gemstones, and approximately 1/8 inch of additional length. These gorgeous earring pairs are all still 2 inches or less in length, at a very affordable $32 per pair. Purchase more than one pair, or $35 minimum in my Etsy shop, and qualify for FREE SHIPPING too.

The reception has been very good in my Etsy shop, and I will continue to make them as long as I can get replacement components. A limited time offer at Chrysalis Too on Etsy!!!




I absolutely love the Tribal

I absolutely love the Tribal Bling Group in your Etsy shop! The fact that you've designed earrings in a size that anyone can wear is fantastic. It's great to see that you've taken into consideration the comfort and style preferences of your customers. The variety of bezel gemstones and the coordinating accents make each pair unique. Plus, the affordable prices are a bonus! Keep up the great work at Chrysalis Too on Etsy!

I absolutely adore the Tribal

I absolutely adore the Tribal Bling Group in your Etsy shop! The unique design with bezel gemstones and the variety of colors are stunning. It's wonderful that you considered comfort by creating shorter earrings, making them accessible to all. The pricing is also very reasonable. Keep up the fantastic work!

Introducing the $27 Tribal

Introducing the $27 Tribal Bling Group in this Etsy shop offers an exciting solution for those who admire the tribal aesthetic but desire smaller, wearable earrings. The thoughtful design, variety of gemstones, and affordable price make these a standout choice for fashion enthusiasts.

These tribal-inspired

These tribal-inspired earrings are not only stylish but also cater to those who prefer a more subtle length. With various gemstones, copper wire, and bead accents, they offer a fashionable yet affordable accessory option. The pricing and design make them an attractive choice for anyone looking to add a touch of tribal bling to their collection.

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