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Tribal Jewelry

colorful artisan jewelry, designed for those with an adventurous spirit


For 2020, I have decided that tribal jewelry need not be limited to adults, although adult women remain the majority of my customers. Over the winter, I began making brightly colored beaded necklaces and bracelets as gifts for the pre-school age girls at our church. And a few pieces for little boys too; they really like the name bracelets. So, I will be adding a section for the "Tribal Tots", and also a section for "Tribal  Teens", which will include some simpler versions of my designs with age appropriate price tags.


My adventure with jewelry making began with a fascination for ancient cultures, their art and jewelry inspire me to create my own interpretations of rustic, tribal and even primitive adornments, from a current perspective. I combine rare old African pendants and beads with artisan glass, ceramic, and metal from present day artists. I often use my own handmade components with vintage African trade beads, Roman glass, handmade clay beads, recycled glass and metal beads from Ethiopia, Morocco and Ghana.


This year, along with the old and new tribal beads, and the artisan metal components, I am infusing a generous amount of natural cut semi-precious stones and Mykonos Greek ceramic and cast bronze and pewter beads for the tribal connoisseurs. And I will be adding more premium Czech glass, and acrylic beads for the younger jewelry fans. So the adventure continues, with some new age groups in our circle.


Free shipping in the United States on orders over $100. Unfortunately, I am forced to suspend all shipments outside the US until further notice due to losses and unexplained lack of service. Thank you for your patience, and I hope this suspension will not be permanent.


Gloria Ewing