Chrysalis Tribal Jewelry




Tribal is an Attitude

Tribal jewelry is primal and instinctive.


Creating my own interpretation of jewelry and adornments as expressions of distant civilizations. To do this from my personal perspective, I combine rare old African pendants and beads with artisan glass, ceramic, and metal from present day artists. I blend my own handmade components with vintage African trade beads, Roman glass, handmade clay beads, recycled glass and metal beads from Ethiopia, Morocco and Ghana. Mix the old with the new and the result, I hope, are unusual pieces that stand out as my own distinct style.

If you love natural stones as much as I do, then you will be pleased to know that gemstone pieces will always be part of my work, this year including labradorite, amazonite, turquoise, opal, moonstone, and more. Usually mixed with tribal elements, gem cuts, interesting hand cut shapes that flatter the color and/or graining in the stones, and developing a composition that is both visually pleasing and comfortable to wear. Stones will be accompanied by Sterling silver, gold vermeil, sometimes other metals, and other unexpected materials.

Currently, I am working on a collection of primitive metal earrings in copper, and a number of Boho style Czech glass pieces for those who love vibrant colors. Some will be listed in my webstore and some on my Etsy shop Chrysalis Too. Please take a moment to visit, and feel free to contact me if you have an idea for a custom made piece of jewelry at:


Gloria Ewing