About Gloria Ewing


Tribal Art Jewelry - A Glimpse of Soul


Tribal jewelry, the love of it, and the desire to create it, is in large part the way I see myself. I have been

designing for over 15 years now (I'm a late bloomer), and I love the adventure of it. 

Each vintage bead, each natural stone, and each piece of jewelry tells its own story,

and it tells my story too. It tells a story to all of us,

and this is our connection.



Independence is the freedom to be extraordinary.

I am drawn to quiet independent people, who dare to pursue their dreams. It is the "outsiders" who make a difference.


Diversity begins in our thoughts.

I celebrate the cultures that make each of us exquisitely unique.


Art is expression.

Who I am, is expressed by means of colorful beads from throughout the world.


Age is relative.

I think of age as a motivating component in creativity. I use my time doing what I love to do.


Fulfillment is a moving goal.

Intertwined with balance in the pursuit of one's ultimate purpose.  



Gloria Ewing