About Gloria Ewing



Tribal Jewelry - Taking the Ethnic Path


Creating tribal jewelry is the most satisfying thing in my creative life. As Joseph Campbell so eloquently said,

“Find a place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.” 



Solitude is a peaceful frame of mind.

I can let ideas and creativity flow when I am alone.


Independence is the freedom to be extraordinary.

I am drawn to eccentric independent people who dare to pursue their dreams.


Diversity begins in our thoughts.

I celebrate the traits that make each of us exquisitely unique.


Art is expression.

Who I am is expressed by means of beads and metal.


Age is relative.

I think of age as an excellerating component in creativity. I never know how much time I have left.





Fulfillment is a moving goal.

Intertwined with balance in the pursuit of one's potential.  



Gloria Ewing