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Bird Art Jewelry

  Primitive Bird Earrings


Subtle shades of plum and charcoal gray in purple dormurierite double drilled stones, and hints of color with interesting shapes of Czech glass beads, woven around this charming pair of shore birds in pewter. My friends at Inviciti never disappoint with their exquisitely crafted artisan pewter earring pairs, connectors, and pendants. I'm a huge fan of their work and use components from Inviciti frequently in my designs.


 Blue Multi-Strand Necklace with Bird


Fall is Coupon Savings Time


Time to Save


Summer jewelry transitions to fall jewelry. Autumn is known as the season of brilliant color, nature's last hurrah before snow and cold come our way. It's also the time for contemplating the holiday season, and even our plans for the upcoming year.


Designing jewelry for online sale has been a real learning experience for me. I have learned how to present my jewelry designs in a pleasing way. I have learned a little something about branding. I have also learned how to communication a cohesive message (at least I hope so).


A Handmade Message for the Holidays



Be Original


Choosing handmade always says something special! It says you took the time to find a gift that is personal and customized, if you desire, to suit the recipient. It says that you are thoughtful and intent on finding the right gift for the people in your life. In the age of mass production, receiving something that is handmade and one-of-a-kind is refreshing; it creates a memory of the occasion.



Start Early!!


New for Fall - Custom Order Multi-Strand Boho Bracelets


Custom Boho Bracelets


What could be better? You can choose the colors of the beads, the number of strands, and the type of metal for your bracelet. Just in time to coordinate with your fall wardrobe, or as a holiday gift to someone special in your life, customized multi-strand seed bead bracelets in your choice of colors!