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More is More - Bracelets


More is More - Especially with Bracelets


Three entirely different looks - the one thing that they have in common is More More More. I am definately not a minimalist when it comes to bracelets; I think they should make a statement whethe they are one strand or ten strands. Just think of how well an opulent bracelet picks up a simple dress or top and makes it look like a well thought out ensemble.

Desert Winds Collection


The Desert Winds Collection

To set the mood with rich textures, a mix of metals, movement, and sun washed colors, my collection of jewelry pieces echo the distinctive North African character. In combining elements of Berber and other nomadic tribes with artisan components from remote geographical corners, some of my own handmade components, and stones that fit into my desert theme, and I feel the result is unique and impactful.

Cultural Expression in Art Jewelry


Individuality is THE Key Component


Is it difficult to maintain a different view of art, or life in general, and still succeed? Difficult, yes, but still possible. We know that the most famous artists of centuries past, were not recognized for their talent until long after their deaths. If you choose this direction for yourself, you must be prepared for rejection. If everyone accepts your work immediately, it's probably what I would refer to as mainstream.

Fall is Coupon Savings Time


Time to Save


Summer jewelry transitions to fall jewelry. Autumn is known as the season of brilliant color, nature's last hurrah before snow and cold come our way. It's also the time for contemplating the holiday season, and even our plans for the upcoming year.


Designing jewelry for online sale has been a real learning experience for me. I have learned how to present my jewelry designs in a pleasing way. I have learned a little something about branding. I have also learned how to communication a cohesive message (at least I hope so).


New for Fall - Custom Order Multi-Strand Boho Bracelets


Custom Boho Bracelets


What could be better? You can choose the colors of the beads, the number of strands, and the type of metal for your bracelet. Just in time to coordinate with your fall wardrobe, or as a holiday gift to someone special in your life, customized multi-strand seed bead bracelets in your choice of colors! 


Boho Tribal Jewelry


Boho Tribal Jewelry


It's late summer and time to mix it up a little!!! Blending boho and tribal is one of my favorite things to do anyway, and this time around I used a common component and a common color palette in designing an ensemble of pieces.