Hot Twisted Metal

Garnet Copper Earrings


Hot, Twisted Metal


Still very much a novice to metal work, I find manipulating metal to be sort of therapeutic and cathartic. Hammer it, melt it, twist it, fold it, cut it, mold it, stamp it; it's yours to do with as you please. Even though taking classes or watching education videos would probably save a lot of time and frustration, my preferred way to pursue metal work is by the seat of my pants. Learn from the misadventures, and sometimes be very surprised at results that were not exactly planned out. Don't get me wrong, I have taken a couple of classes early on in my jewelry making mission, but I really don't work well with structure. I am not a structure person, I am what most would refer to as a misfit. So it's actually very freeing for me to figure out each step or pathway (on my own) that will realize the vision I have in my head. And I cannot emphasize enough that EVERY "mistake" teaches us something valuable, and I at least will register that experience in my memory much better than if I had read it in a blog or if I heard it on a video.

Links will take you to my Etsy shop, where both of these pairs of earrings are available.



Copper Leaf Earrings with Turquoise


Next, I am going to attempt to mix more metals, bezel stones, and work on asymmetrical hand forged pieces (mostly earrings for now). I heartily recommend working with metal as a outlet for frustration, but even more for raw creativity. Call it hammer therapy. You'll find it very rewarding!




Engaging in metalwork offers

Engaging in metalwork offers a therapeutic and creative outlet. Manipulating metal with freedom allows for unexpected results and valuable lessons. While structured learning has its merits, exploring through trial and error fosters genuine growth and memorable experiences. Embrace the "hammer therapy" of raw creativity.

Working with metal is an art

Working with metal is an art that blends creativity with raw expression. As a novice, I've found it to be both therapeutic and liberating. The freedom to explore, learn from missteps, and create unique pieces allows for a deeply personal connection to the craft. Embracing the unexpected is where true artistic growth happens.

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