Winter White Jewelry


Winter White Jewelry


There is no rule that says neutral colored clothing or jewelry must be boring. Some of the most dramatic and captivating designs and color combinations use exclusively neutral colors. Who can dispute the power of a good black and white fashion ensemble, or piece of art? Black, white and gray also make a strong foundation on which to apply bright colors for a maximized contrast. An artist can make a bold statement using a minimal number of colors if the choices and the composition are well thought out, and this can most certainly be done utilizing neutral tones as part or all of a design.


African white opal, in the necklace above, has subtle veining in gray and black and also has a soft pink undertone that is pronounced by the addition of rustic mixed metals and antiqued silver chain. It is basically white but when you look closely you see all the fine details in the stones that add character to the white base.



I'm open to other opinions, but I would include beige and brown also as neutral colors. As seen above, these tribal earrings have added dimension because of the blending of bone white, striped brown, and natural sand colored ceramic charms in a primitive motif. Just layering different colors, even if they are super bright colors, can come off as very one dimensional. Blending the neutrals (or naturals) with a touch or two of bright color is powerful.



The white Masai beaded necklace with Talhakimt pendant illustrates how using fewer colors with a white background or foundation results in a pleasing and compelling combination. In this piece, the addition of brass and bronze accents provides another layer of interest and further enhances the composition.



The Mexican Opal Choker above has a color range from white to orange to rusty brown, and as you can see there is definitely drama in a chunky combination that includes the entire range. So rather than shy away from neutrals, I look for new ways to use them effectively in creating new work that has spirit and originality.


Some of the jewelry items included in this post are from my Etsy shop, ChrysalisToo, and some are from the store on this site.







The use of neutral colors in

The use of neutral colors in clothing and jewelry doesn't have to be boring. In fact, some of the most captivating designs and color combinations can be achieved with neutral tones. Whether it's a black and white ensemble or incorporating neutral hues as a foundation for vibrant colors, the power of neutrals in creating bold statements is undeniable. The featured pieces, such as the African white opal necklace and tribal earrings, showcase how blending neutrals with touches of bright colors adds dimension and intrigue. The combination of white with brass and bronze accents in the Masai beaded necklace further exemplifies the compelling nature of using fewer colors with a white foundation. So, embracing neutrals can lead to unique and spirited creations.

The Winter White Jewelry

The Winter White Jewelry collection showcased here is truly inspiring. The way neutral colors are utilized to create stunning and captivating designs is remarkable. The incorporation of subtle undertones and the blending of various shades, like in the African white opal necklace and the tribal earrings, adds depth and character. The use of neutrals as a foundation for bold accents, as seen in the Masai beaded necklace and the Mexican Opal Choker, creates a sense of drama and originality. This collection proves that neutral colors can be anything but boring, and I'm excited to explore this unique approach in my own style.

Neutral tones in winter white

Neutral tones in winter white jewelry showcase a world of elegance and creativity. The artful fusion of black, white, gray, beige, and brown creates captivating contrasts. Combining these hues with subtle pops of color results in designs that exude character, depth, and originality.

"Winter White" jewelry

"Winter White" jewelry typically refers to jewelry pieces that are designed with a winter or snowy theme in mind. These pieces often feature white or clear gemstones and materials that evoke the imagery of a winter wonderland. Here are some common elements and ideas for winter white jewelry:White gemstones like diamonds, pearls, moonstones, and white topaz are popular choices for winter-themed jewelry. Diamonds, in particular, are often associated with the sparkling beauty of snow.Snowflakes are iconic symbols of winter, and jewelry with snowflake designs can be both elegant and festive. Snowflake pendants, earrings, or brooches often feature intricate, lacy patterns.While the primary color is white, icy blue gemstones like aquamarine or blue topaz can be incorporated to add a touch of cool winter color to your jewelry.Clear crystal or glass beads can mimic the appearance of ice and snow. They can be used in bracelets, necklaces, or earrings to create a shimmering, winter-inspired effect.White metals like silver are often used to complement the winter white theme. Silver settings can enhance the overall look of your jewelry pieces.

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